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-17% SOLD OUT Yes You Can Prevent & Control Cancer 3rd Edition by Dr. Christine E.V. Gonzalez, NMD, PhD

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Yes You Can Prevent & Control Cancer 3rd Edition Book

by Dr. Christine E.V. Gonzalez, NMD, PhD

There isn’t a living, breathing human who is immune to the grips of deadly cancer.

Advocating a sea of change in the way we understand and confront cancer, Yes, You Can Prevent and Control Cancer is a radical synthesis of science and experience, an inspiring journey, and a guide to a new way of life.

This Cancer Prevention and Control Book is a practical guide designed to give YOU, your families and caregiver valuable health information about how cancers develop and how prevention can be accomplished by simple changes.

This new 3rd edition addresses current developments in cancer research, and offers more tips on how people living with cancer can fight it and how healthy people can prevent cancer before it starts. The 3rd edition of Yes, You can Prevent and Control Cancer includes:

  • Why the modern Western diet creates the conditions for disease
  • Lifestyle modification that can reduce mortality for breast cancer by an astounding 68 percent
  • How to develop a science-based cancer prevention and control diet
  • How to minimize environmental toxins and food contaminants proven to contribute to cancer progression
  • How helplessness and unhealed wounds affect our ability to restore health
  • How to reap the benefits of exercise, prayer, and meditation
  • How to find the right blend of integrative and functional health care for a complete cure, not just remission
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