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Philippine HiFi Exhibition: LD Systems Curv 500 ES and Cameo Superfly XS

13/12/2016 0 Comment(s) Newsroom,


LD Systems Curv 500 ES and Cameo Superfly XS & Storm creates its debut 
at the November HiFi Exhibition


HiFi Exhibition is the biggest annual audio and visual exhibition is returning to showcase the best of the high and foreign brands that offer consumer and professional electronics in the Philippines held at Dusit Thani Manila on November 12 and 13, 2016.


Exhibition rooms that are carefully designed and crafted to optimize maximum feel of audio and visual product installed for everyone to experience the November HiFi madness. In terms of attendance, more than 5,000 enthusiasts visited the exhibition and were able to try and did some testing on some electronic devices with over 300 products participated at the event.


The LD Systesm Curv 500 ES is now the Philippines. LD Curv 500 ES provides pure, clear, honest sound that amplifies sound detail with its WaveHead Technology


On top of all the products, LD System, a German pro audio brand, joins in the November HiFi exhibition showing off its state-of-the-art audio equipment which includes their newest game-changer - the Curv 500 ES Plus. The first of its kind, this hybrid array speaker system can convert to either stereo system ideal for home use, or a portable vertical line array system ideal for a stage use. It defies limitations and transcends barriers of sound systems as it can be practically used for any application.


Entertainment Set for Home Use.
You can convert you LD Systems Cur 500 ES to your Entertainment set at home. You can design it like 2 array satellites on both side with sub woofer of amplier at the center.

1. 3x1" tweeter and 4" midrange speakers per array satellite

2. 4 removable array satellites powered via Smarlink adapter

3. Built-in 4 channel mixer with 16 preset effects (DFX) and Bluetooth

4. Integrated Class D amplifier

5. 10" bass reflex subwoofer

6. Hard-wearing 15mm plywood



Potable Vertical Line Array Speaker System for Stage Use.
The system have the following for stage use of up to 400 people

1.  Di-cast aluminum construction with powder coating 
2.  3x1" tweeter and 4" midrange speakers per array satellite
3.  4 removable array satellites powered via Smarlink adapter
4.  Sturdy steel distance bar and speakerON cable
5.  Built-in 4 channel mixer with 16 preset effects (DFX) and Bluetooth
6.  Integrated Class D amplifier
7. 10" bass reflex subwoofer
8.  Hard-wearing 15mm plywood



Compared to big audio systems that lack clarity and sound, and even to household speakers that does not extend its power to produce better sounds, the Curve 500 ES provides pure, clear, honest sound that amplifies sound detail with its WaveHead Technology.  This kind of technology puts three tweeters in front of a powerful full-range driver and offers a wide dispersion of mid and high frequencies with an ultra-compact enclosure.

LD Curv 500 ES were also tested when the portable vertical line array system ideal for a stage use was setup.  When the performance get started, the quality of sounds perfect.  It's feel like your attending a concert .  You can hear the true sounds and the quality is just the same as when somebody is performing a concert or program whether indoor or outdoor.


The staff from Audio Video Solutions Corporation demonstrates on how to assemble the satellites speakers in front of guests.


Jay Durias, a composer, singer and songwriter of the band, South Border is inspired to make more good music with LD systems. "What's important is a good sound," Durias said in his promotional interview video with LD systems. "A good sound is equal to true sound, and if you have that coming to you as a performer, you will have a good performance because are affected by a good sound," he added.


More than this, he mentioned that his favorite top-of-the-line product of LD Systems is the Curve ES 500 Plus. "Curve 500 is one of my favorite speakers," Durias emphasized. He further added, "It is my all-around home theater and PA System."


With the Curve ES 500 Plus, its patented Smartlink System allows you to connect up to 4 satellite speakers through its slide-and-lock mechanism and produces a uniform and excellent sound experience. A dynamic listening pleasure, the Curve ES 500 Plus can connect four of your musical devices such as your computer and keyboards, simultaneously. Jay Durias said, "Aside from the good sound, it is so easy to set-up.


The Curv 500 ES Plus has a 4-channel mixer, DFX and Bluetooth, while its 1840W peak power can offer powerful audio to a room of 400 people. The Curve ES 500 sure does reshape what you think is impossible in the audio world.


The company that brought LD Systems to the Philippines, Audio Video Solutions Corporation, will also showcase the Cameo - a new brand of lighting systems from Germany. Cameo lights are perfect for professional sage use and can even be used at home, for those times when you want to throw epic house parties.


Pricing and Availability.

LD Systems products are available at SM Appliance, Gadgets Hub @ the SM Store. Astroplus, Odyssey, Robinsons Appliance, Intune, and other leading appliance and music stores.


It can also be purchased online via Lazada ( and The WOW store (


The SRP price of LD Systems Curv 500 ES is Ph74,990.



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