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MISSO s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor -22%

MISSO s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor

   ALL-IN-ONE KITCHEN ASSISTANT Prepare fresh juices, 100% natural see..

₱17,999.00 ₱13,999.00

Breville the Compact Kettle -10%

Breville the Compact Kettle

Slow Release Lid A push button, slow release lid prevents hot water splashes wh..

₱4,999.00 ₱4,499.00

Breville the Dual Boiler -10%

Breville the Dual Boiler

Dual BoilerA specific brew boiler delivers more precise temperature to, and through the extraction, ..

₱79,999.00 ₱71,999.00

Breville the Juice Fountain Max -10%

Breville the Juice Fountain Max

Only Breville Juicers have NUTRI DISC™ • Extracts more juice. • Transfers less than 2.5˚C..

₱11,999.00 ₱10,799.00

Breville the Kinetix® Pro -10%

Breville the Kinetix® Pro

Kinetix® Blade & Bowl-hugging System Kinetix System features bowl shaped..

₱22,999.00 ₱20,699.00

Breville the Smart Oven Pro

Element IQ TechnologyAutomatically adjusts heating element per programmed setting to suit whatever y..


WOW Premium Wired Microphone

Professional quality. Can be connected to compatible mini component, sound system or dir..