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Videoke Solutions

Videoke Solutions

Grand Videoke

Grand Videoke is the leading videoke brand in the Philippines. Each Grand Videoke system use Dream Sound Module from France, producing HD sound quality with 5,000 built-in songs and a multimedia function that enables the user to plug in any USB or SD Card and enjoy watching movies, play MP3 music, customize video/picture background and transfer recorded songs. The top-of-the-line Symphony is the first videoke system to introduce the "GeeVee" Voice Command technology that allows you to choose select a song with one command. Grand Videoke, providing GRAND entertainment for everyone.

WOW! Fiesta

WOW! Fiesta, the videoke brand that caters to the mass market. It goal is to provide quality videoke systems at an affordable price for every Juan! WOW! Fiesta gives us two high quality videoke systems that would surely make you say "Wow!".

Introducing the WOW Fiesta Full HD Videoke and WOW Fiesta DVD Karaoke 2 that function as a Videoke, DVD and Multimedia players in one. Each model comes with, two premium microphones and 2,485 built-in songs to choose from. WOW! Fiesta. Turns your ordinary celebration into a fiesta.

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