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New Concept 3D-flex film



Application 1


Application 2


Application 3


Application 4

Accent wall

Application 5


Application 6

Product Structure & Features

Product Strcuture and Feature image

check Peel-and-Stick Installation
check Eco-friendly Non-toxic Material
check Patented 3D Surface Technology
check Anti-Mold and Anti-Bacterial
check Heat and Humidity Resistant
check Easy to Install and Maintain
check Saves Time and No Labor Cost
check Made in Korea

Easy Construction

Make your own place!

Various patterns, sensible colors make anyone design their own place easily. Stuffy places like Old kitchen wall, Grimy wall-tile and Glass can be changed more luxurious and clean

Do it yourself! You can be an expert

BODAQ-tile is very easy to be applied by cutter, ruler, and scissors

No need any special tool, you can apply BODAQ-tile yourself!

How to attach BODAQ-tile

Necessary equipment : Scissors, Cutter, Ruler, panel for cutting, protective glove


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Hanwha Bodaq DIY Tile Sheet (SQW08 Square Lime Green) - Pack of 10 sheets

Hanwha Bodaq Tile is a DIY Interior Tile Sheet that is easy to install, clean and maintain. It comes with its own adhesive backing. Ideal for Kitchen, Bathroom, Table, Furniture, Accent Wall and Accessories.

  • Packaging: 1box = 10 sheets
  • Dimension: 25cm x 25cm
  • Made in Korea
  • Brand: Hyundai L & C
  • Product Code: SQW08
  • Availability: In Stock

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