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Juice & Blend

Juice & Blend

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Breville the Kinetix® Pro -10%

Breville the Kinetix® Pro

Kinetix® Blade & Bowl-hugging System Kinetix System features bowl shaped..

₱22,999.00 ₱20,699.00

Breville the Kinetix Twist -10%

Breville the Kinetix Twist

Mini-Kinetix® Blade & Bowl-hugging System Kinetix® features bowl shaped like a sp..

₱10,999.00 ₱9,899.00

Breville the Juice Fountain Max -10%

Breville the Juice Fountain Max

Only Breville Juicers have NUTRI DISC™ • Extracts more juice. • Transfers less than 2.5˚C..

₱11,999.00 ₱10,799.00