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Why LG Hausys Floors?

The LG brand, one of the world's most powerful and fastest growing brands is now receiving praise from customers as a top global brand. We will work together to achieve your highest satisfaction.

1. Environmental Friendly

2. Design Power

3. Trusted Management

4. Trusted Solution

Decotile Econo+ is the "Healthy Flooring"!

LG Hausys' brand philosophy is to create healthy living spaces and eco-friendly products. Z:IN Flooring is now Korea's very first flooring product that uses environmental plasticizers.

Decotile Econo+ is a "Safe floor"!

The plasticizers are safe to humans and are environmental friendly. It is the same material used to make baby toys, baby bottles, and drinking cups. Thus, introducing it as the safest flooring from hazardous materials.

Decotile Econo+ takes the lead for the first time in Korea.

LG Hausys initiates a technological revolution in the building industry by being the first to create flooring, free from 6 kinds of Phthalates plasticizers that are now government restricted.

*What is Plasticizer?

It is a flooring material put into the manufacturing process.

It becomes a flexible "Resin" that turns into the dough-like material.




  High-durable surface treatment

  Environmental Certifications such as Eco-Label & Floorscore

  Embossed in register

  Excellent resistance to water




3.0mm(T) X 450mm(W) X 450mm(L)




Application 1   Application 2   Application 3  Application 4  Application 5

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LG Hausys Decotile Square - Carpet (DTE 2823)

DECOTILE ECONO+ is a Style Expansion.

It begins with the basics. Its essence unchanged. Plus+ is a creation of an entirely new style beyond the limits of size and pattern.

Decotile Econo+ is based on achieving beauty on a given space with endless possibilities and style flexibility because of various designs and patterns.

  • Made in Korea
  • High-durable surface treatment
  • Environmental Certifications such as Eco-label & Floorscore
  • Embossed in register
  • Excellent resistance to water
  • Eco-friendly
  • Functional

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  • Brand: LG Hausys
  • Product Code: DTE 2823
  • Availability: In Stock

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