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8 channel Mixing Console with DFX and Compressor

Four balanced microphone inputs with high-quality preamplifiers, mono compatible stereo channels, an integrated compressor and 100 digital effects with 24-bit resolution turn the VIBZ 8 into a flexible sound control unit.

The microphone channels are switchable to line level and are equipped with high-quality preamplifiers and a reduction in bass; two of them also feature inserts for individual signal processing. For an effective sound adjustment, the VIBZ 8 has very precise 3-band EQs with practical selectable mids.

The master section of the mixer features an effects loop, adjustable monitor outputs and a headphone jack. The VIBZ 8 also has inputs and outputs for recording and playback devices, is extremely easy to use and impresses with its transparent and detailed sound. It is ideal for small bands, installations, home recording, and for use as a sub-mixer.

It comes with an external power supply that can be tightly secured to the mixer. A foot switch for the effects section and an adapter for mounting the VIBZ 8 on microphone stands are available as accessories.




File Size

pdf imageUser's manualManual3944 kb
folder imageAll picturesProduct images925 kb
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Shipping Info
Shipping AvailabilityPhilippines
Technical Specifications
Channel Insert2
Channel Insert Connectors6.3 mm TRS
Product numberLDVIBZ8DC
Product TypeMixers
Mono Channels
Amplification Range mono Line Input0 - 50dB
Amplification Range mono Mic Input 0 - 50dB
Controls Mono Mic and Line Input ChannelsGain, pan, 3-band EQ (High, Mid, Low), AUX (DFX) Post, Compressor (channel 1+2), Channel Volume, Low Cut (75 Hz)
Mono Channel Equalizer High+/- 15 dB @ 12000 Hz
Mono Channel Equalizer Low+/- 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Mono Channel Equalizer Mid+/- 15 dB @ 2500 Hz
Mono Line Input Frequency Range10 - 45000Hz
Mono Line Input Impedance21kOhm(s)
Mono Line Input Input THD-N 0.00%
Mono Line Input S/N Ratio113dB
Mono Line Input Typeelectronically balanced
Mono Mic and Line Input Channels4
Mono Mic input connectors6.3 mm TRS, XLR
Mono Mic Input Frequency Range 10 - 45000Hz
Mono Mic Input Impedance4kOhm(s)
Mono Mic Input Input THD-N 0.01%
Mono Mic Input S/N Ratio113dB
Mono Mic Input Typeelectronically balanced
Phantom power48 V DC switchable
Stereo Channels
Amplification Range stereo Line Input0 - 50dB
Controls Stereo Line Input ChannelsBalance, Channel Volume, AUX (DFX) Post, 3-band EQ (High, Mid, Low), Low Cut, 2-band EQ (High,Low), Gain
Stereo channel equalizer bass+/- 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Stereo channel equalizer mids+/- 15 dB @ 2500 Hz
Stereo channel equalizer treble+/- 15 dB @ 12000 Hz
Stereo Line Input Channels3
Stereo Line Input Connectors6.3 mm TRS
Stereo Line Input Frequency Range10 - 45000Hz
Stereo Line Input Impedance3,7kOhm(s)
Stereo Line Input Input THD-N0.00%
Stereo Line Input S/N Ratio116dB
Stereo Line Input Typeunbalanced
Main Section
AUX / Effects Send Channels1
AUX / Effects Send Connectors6.3 mm stereo jack unbalanced
Digital Effects Processor:Yes, 24-bit AD/DA Resolution
Footswitch Connector DFX Mute6.3 mm TRS
Headphones ouput1
Headphones outputs6.3 mm TRS
IndicatorsPower, 8-segment Level Meter, Phantom Power, Channel Peak, DFX Peak / Mute
Main section controlsPhones / Control Room Volume, DFX To Main Volume, DFX Mute Schalter, Master Volume, Phantom Power, DFX Presets, Stereo Return Volume
Max. Unbalanced Stereo Main Out Level:20dBu
Number of Presets100
Operating voltage18 V AC - 1 A, External PSU
Stereo AUX Return Channels1 x stereo
Stereo AUX Return Connectors2 x 6.3 mm TRS
Stereo Control Room Out1
Stereo Control Room Out Connectors6.3 mm TRS
Stereo Tape In Channel1 x stereo
Stereo Tape In Connenctors2 x RCA (Cinch)
Stereo Tape Out Channel1 x stereo
Stereo Tape Out Connectors2 x RCA (Cinch)
Unbalanced Stereo Main Out Impedance120Ohm(s)
Unbalanced stereo Main Output Connections6.3 mm TRS
Unbalanced stereo Main Outputs1

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LD Systems VIBZ 8 DC

8 channel Mixing Console with DFX and Compressor

  • 4 Balanced Microphone inputs
  • 100 preset DFX effects w/ 24 bit resolution
  • High quality preamplifiers
  • Precise 3-band Eqs with practical selectable mids
  • Inputs and outputs for recording and playback devices
  • Switchable to line level microphone channels. High quality preamp for reduction in bass
  • Adjustable monitor outputs and headphone jack


  • Corporate Offices — High/midrise buildings, adjacent offices, offices with active security
  • Academe — Medium/large K-12, colleges and universities
  • Small band set up
  • Installations
  • Hospitality — Hotels, restos, bars, establishments in malls/nearby
  • Churches with basic pro audio setup
  • Stage and live performances for full band set up
  • Home recording
  • Sub mixer

  • Brand: LD Systems
  • Product Code: LDVIBZ8DC
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₱17,400.00

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