Hanwha "Bodaq" is an Environment-Friendly
Interior Film creating healthy living spaces.

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  • No harmful heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, etc.
  • Formaldehyde-Free
  • Low TVOC Emission
  • KC Mark for Voluntary Safety Standards Initiative

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  • Non-toxic antimicrobial and bio-based raw materials provides excellent antibacterial and anti-fungal effects

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BIO SIGNAL ENERGY Eco Friendly Feature

  • Far Infrared Rays are voluntarily released by plant-based raw materials giving a deodorizing function and reduces TVOC emissions.


icon_kfi Excellent flame retardant performance and reliability makes any interior environment safe and secure.


stain resistant

FIRE RETARDANT (Industry Performance Institute Certification)



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Hanwha Bodaq Interior Film Abstract NS422 Stick stone (5M)

Hanwha Bodaq is an environment-friendly Interior Film creating healthy living spaces.

  • Alternative to Wallpapers
  • With its own adhesive backing
  • No harmful heavy metals
  • Provides Antibacterial/ Anti Fungi effects
  • Excellent flame retardant
  • Roll Dimension: 0.45-0.6mm x 1,220mm x 50M (Box)
  • Minimum Order: 0.45-0.6mm x 1,220mm x 5M
  • Coverage: 61sqm/roll

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  • Brand: Hanwha
  • Product Code: NS422
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₱3,470.00

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