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It is quick and easy to operate using four buttons and an LED display on the back.

The CLP64Q8WPS is equipped with a super-quiet fan for cooling. The dual bracket permits simple use as a floor PAR.

There are three operating modes. In addition to DMX operation with 2, 3, 4 or 7 channels, this LED PAR can also be operated in standalone mode or via sound control. It features an integrated microphone.

Shipping Info
Shipping Availability Philippines
Technical Specifications
Cooling fan
Indicators LED Display
Operating voltage 110 V AC - 250 V AC
Power Consumption 180W
Product Type LED PAR Can
Type PAR64
Controls Value Down, Value Up, mode

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Cameo Light PAR 64 CAN Q 8W PS

18 x 8W QUAD Colour LED RGBW PAR light in polished housing

An extremely powerful LED-PAR in a polished housing. The Cameo CLP64Q8WPS has a total of 18 quad LEDs (RGBW) and thus guarantees perfect mixing of solid and pastel colours – including white. With a power consumption of just 180 watts, the 8-watt Quad LEDs produce an impressive level of brightness with a beam angle of 25 degrees.

  • Brand: Cameo Light
  • Product Code: CLP64Q8WPS
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: cameo light, LED RGBW PAR light