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Home Entertainment Built to Excite

Posted by ady 29/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

The living room will always be a welcoming place where the entire family can bond through entertainment. Having a good entertainment system is essential to experiencing entertainment to the fullest, which futher improves bonding moments.


Recently, LD Systems Philippines introduced the Grand Entertainment System, a revolutionary solution in building a great home entertainment system.  It provides a simple connection for all devices and at the same time, produce breathtaking sound for whichever entertainment you choose.


It’s time to do away with hassle of plugging in and out of the TV just to switch from one device to another. With the Grand Entertainment System all the devices are now linked into one switcher. Thanks to an all-around speaker paired with a multimedia device that also serves as videoke system, buying separate speakers and equipment to watch movies and sing karaoke is no longer a problem.


To make things easier, the Grand Entertainment System can be built from Lifestyle Packages. One of the featured packages that can simplify your home entertainment system is the Excite Package comprising of the following: The Maui 5 a compact column speaker that sounds as good as it looks, equipped with a 4-channel mixer with Bluetooth connectivity. The Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0, with integrated “Gee Vee™” Voice Command feature and multimedia features. An Integration Kit connecting the system with a switcher, necessary wires for connection and a quick connection guide, free when you avail the package.


All in all, the Excite Package is a good way to start your Grand Entertainment journey. What’s more, you actually get more value with its P5,000 discount plus a free Integration Kit worth P2,000. The Grand Entertainment Package is sure to Excite your world.


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