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About Us

The WOW Store is your online shop for world-renowned brands such as GRAND VIDEOKE, WOW FIESTA, LD SYSTEMS, BREVILLE, HANWHA, LG HAUSYS & more!

It is managed by The WOW Group, a group of companies that mainly engaged in importing and distributing premium products from established brands sourced around the world.

The group offers a diverse portfolio of products, targeting the sectors of Entertainment (Home and Professional Use), Food & Wellness and Energy & Environment.

These products were carefully chosen to ensure that the Filipinos get better quality products, backed by unrivalled service.

Our Philosophy is simply that, "The Filipino Deserves Better!"

Our Partner Brands


Country of Origin: South Korea korean-flag

Grand Videoke is the leading portable videoke brand in the Philippines. Manufactured by TJ Media Co. Ltd, a publicly listed corporation and a market leader in the commercial karaoke industry in South Korea.

Each Grand Videoke system is powered by Dream Sound Module that produces HD sound quality, with over 5,000 built-in songs and multimedia function via USB or SD Card. Grand Videoke also introduced the first videoke system with Voice Command technology that allows to search, play and reserve songs by speaking commands. Grand Videoke is a fusion of design, technology and more.

Country of Origin: Germany Germany-flag

LD Systems is an established major brand in pro-audio equipment with a range of product lines that caters to large-small scale consumers globally. Each product is designed in Germany by a team of highly-trained and motivated engineers that put quality and innovation above all else.

Get captivated by high-performance complete PA systems that will ensure a highly uniform experience. Choose from a line of column and bookshelf type portable sound systems to installation speakers at an exceptional price-performance ratio.


Country of Origin: Germany Germany-flag

OPTOCORE is a patented fiber optic network system specifically designed to meet the requirements of the professional sound reinforcement, lighting, broadcast, studio, installation, and video production industries. Optocore networks are widely used in numerous environments, including opening and closing ceremonies of the world's most prominent events as well as an alternative to copper infrastructure in OB vans, stadiums, studios and theatres. The system's robust architecture, rigorous manufacturing and quality control make OPTOCORE the preferred choice anywhere that requires rocksolid network performance and reliability.

Country of Origin: China China-flag

WOW! Fiesta, the videoke brand that caters to the mass market. It provides quality videoke systems at an affordable price for every Juan.

WOW! Fiesta models include the WOW Fiesta Full HD Videoke and WOW Fiesta DVD Karaoke. Each model comes with two premium wired microphones with over 2,000 built-in songs. WOW! Fiesta simply turns your ordinary celebration into a fiesta.


Country of Origin: France France-flag

Groove anywhere with SuperTooth portable bluetooth speakers from France. SuperTooth is here to light up every ocassion, whether it be a last minute party or a beach outing with the family. Pair and Play your own playlist wherever you may be. Connect any Tablet, Phone, MP3 Player and other devices and enjoy hours of music playback. Express yourself with a variety of colors to choose from.

Country of Origin: Israel Israel-flag

For over 35 years, Kramer Electronics has been here to provide us with cutting-edge professional audio equipment. With the passion for for innovation, Kramer Electronics strive for the best. Moreover, building good relationships with its customers to help them get the best solution fitting to their need.

At a surface level, Kramer electronics is a technology company dedicated to finding better, smarter smarter solutions. Looking deeper, Kramer goes beyond the the box with end-to-end solutions that blend state-of-the-art cloud technologies, advanced software and time tested hardware.



Country of Origin: Australia Australian-flag

For more than 80 years, Breville has manufactured kitchen appliances to solve our kitchen dilemnas. Breville is the leading Australian small kitchen appliances brand banking on designs and innovation. Providing us with kitchen equipment that not only make the cooking proccess easier, but also make every meal and drink taste better.

Breville products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. It has multiple awards and is trusted by renowned chefs worldwide. Breville aims to bring simple moments of brilliance in every Filipino kitchen.

Country of Origin: South Korea Korean-flag

For more than a decade, Matstone brand has stood the test of time in its presence in the wellness industry here in the Philippines. Featured in many local television shows such as Salamat Dok (ABS-CBN), News To Go (GMA), TV5 and Naturally Yours (UNTV). Proven to help everyone live a happier and a healthier lifestyle.

Matstone's aims to share the various benefits of natural juicing with it's Horizontal Slow Juicer. Matstone's unique juicing technology from Korea allows the complete extraction of the nutritious juices in the fruits and vegetables making every drop count.

Country of Origin: South Korea Australian-flag

MISSO® Wonder Machines is created by Oscar Electronics Co., LTD, the same creator of the MATSTONE® Multi-purpose Slow Juicer. Thus, customers are assured of a highly durable and long-lasting. This revolutionary product has undergone a careful 18 years of research and development hence has garnered the prestigious Korea Superb Brand Award for 2017.

Moreover, MISSO is a household brand and is widely known in South Korea due to its heavy presence in the Home Shopping Network. The word MISSO means “smile” in Korean. And was derived from two (2) Chinese words ‘mei’ and ‘shao’ meaning ‘beauty’ and ‘young’ respectively. MISSO® s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor is a product which is a fruit of a vision aiming to see happier and healthier family using easy-to-use machines.



Country of Origin: South Korea Australian-flag

Considered as one of Korea's top 10 business groups, Hanwha has over 53 domestic affiliates and 78 overseas affiliates providing world-class products and services. For over 60 years, Hanwha is a name that stands for quality. Hanwha also believes that helping the environment is a must as seen in their products that are certified and licensed as environment-friendly and non-toxic.

In the Philippines, Builder's Choice Inc (BCI) a private company formed in 2003 primarily engaged in the importation, distribution, marketing and sales of premium flooring solutions. BCI is the exclusive distributor of various PVC flooring and interior film product lines manufactured by Hanwha L&C.

Country of Origin: South Korea Korean-flag

LG Hausys has been working with it's customers for over 60 years. With the vision of creating a human-friendly and eco conscious living spaces. LG Hausys believes in the balance between creating quality products and caring for the environment paving the way for a brighter and cleaner future ahead of us.

With a range of product line-ups such as roll sheets, special floorings and interior films to choose from. Define yourself with countless patterns developed with high quality and durable materials that could last for decades to come.



Country of Origin: France france-flag

Because of its passion for sound technology and permanent quest for innovation, L-Acoustics has become the brand choice in houses of worships, stadiums, concert venues, theme parks, resorts and hotels.

Manufactured in France, L-Acoustics has been recognized in the industry for pioneering the modern line array. Since 1984, L-Acoustics continues to offer a total system approach for both touring and fixed installation markets and a product line that responds to the needs of the venues from the most intimate club to the grandest arena.

Country of Origin: Germany Germany flag

German-made Cameo Light has swept the market for professional lighting in just a short span of time. With over 100 innovative LED lighting products and accessories to choose from, Cameo offers world-class products for a wide variety of applications, ranging from small clubs to complex rigs at major events.

Using state-of-the-art technology as well as energy-efficient and long-lasting LED Technology, Cameo Light continues to work hard in developing sophisticated new products, implementing the ideas and requirements of its users.


Country of Origin: Italy Italian-flag

Founded in 1990, in Florence, Italy, K-Array develops revolutionary-designed and highly-efficient audio systems unmatched by others in the industry. With its Slim Array Technology (SAT), K-Array is known for producing compact audio speakers that provide practicality in transporting, ease of assembly, space optimization and time, incurring cost savings for management of these systems. K-Array assures to provide a significantlly better acoustic outcome whether for medium or large scale applications for everyone to experience.



Country of Origin: Japan Japan-flag

Founded in 2002, Bewith is one of the newest entrants in the card audio market. Bewith seeks to challenge the car audio industry with unique car audio products using unmatched audio technology like the PPC (Polar Patter Control) speaker technology and digital processing technology. The absence of orthodox, nostalgic typical car audio products in the Bewith lineup expresses the mission to go beyond car audio.

Volume is everything, when it comes to the most basic form of the highest audio performance. With the help of monaural power amplifiers and power supply regulators, the scalable BEWITHSTATE digital processor and other products, Bewith is able to provide total responsive power in all conditions. Go beyond car audio with Bewith.

Country of Origin: USA USA-flag

For almost 30 years, Stinger has been offering the best and premium car audio accessories to car audio enthusiasts as well as dealers worldwide – interconnects, wiring kits, power support, sound-damping material, high performance batteries and other components that will enable you to discover and achieve the pure sound you desire. Stinger is the go-to brands for true audiphile who needs to upgrade a vehicle's sound system.


Country of Origin: Germany Germany-flag

Founded in the late 90s, Ground Zero matured to become one of most respected car audio brands in the world. Ground Zero is trademarked globally and distributed in over 52 countries. The product range encompasses speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers for High End SQ (Sound Quality), SPL (Sound Pressure Level), and a vast range of essential sound components - all of them engineered in Germany. In countless tests and reviews, many of our 300+ products have earned awards or are consistently placed by the winner circle with outstanding ratings for price/performance ratio, quality and sound.



Country of Origin: U.K. U.K.-flag

For more than 100 years and up to now, C&D Technologies speaks efficiency and performance when it comes to their products and services.

C&D Technologies, Inc. produces and markets power conversion systems ans storage of electrical power that includes industrieal batteries and electronics. C&D provides solutions to energy and environmental-related problems and issues with their Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA/GEL) and flooede-type batteries. To date, C&D consistently develops new technologies and creates innovative products with improved performance and increased long term value.