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About Us

The WOW Store is your online shop for world-renowned brands such as GRAND VIDEOKE, WOW FIESTA, LD SYSTEMS, JBL ENTERTAINMENT, GRAVITY, BREVILLE, MISSO, HYUNDAI L&C, LG HAUSYS, NOX, & more!


It is managed by The WOW Group, a group of companies that mainly engaged in importation distribution, marketing, sales and services. The group offers a diverse portfolio of premium products from established brands sourced around the world. Targeting the sectors of Entertainment, Construction & Energy, as well as Food, Beauty & Wellness, these brands have been chosen to ensure that the Filipinos get better, quality products backed by unrivaled service.


Our Philosophy is simply that, "The Filipino Deserves Better!"



Our Partner Brands



Country of Origin: South Korea Country of Origin: South Korea

Grand Videoke, from the makers of WOW! Videoke, provides world-class videoke experience to the Filipino family for 20 years. Grand Videoke is a fusion of design and technology that brings a new level of singing enjoyment, enriching family relationships and connections across the world.


Country of Origin: Germany Germany-flag

LD Systems is an established pro audio brand in Europe with a range of products that caters to both professionals & home consumers alike. In the Philippines, LD Systems is set to reshape home entertainment by providing sound systems with unparalleled control, performance and quality.


Country of Origin: China China-flag

WOW! Fiesta, empowers the modern Filipino household with superior home entertainment. Offering great value for money, WOW! Fiesta offers versatile products that can be used for every occasion.




Country of Origin: Australia Australian-flag

For more than 80 years, Breville has manufactured kitchen appliances to solve our kitchen dilemnas. Breville is the leading Australian small kitchen appliances brand banking on designs and innovation. Providing us with kitchen equipment that not only make the cooking proccess easier, but also make every meal and drink taste better.

Breville products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. It has multiple awards and is trusted by renowned chefs worldwide. Breville aims to bring simple moments of brilliance in every Filipino kitchen.


Country of Origin: South Korea Country of Origin: South Korea

MISSO® Wonder Machines is created by Oscar Electronics Co., LTD, the same creator of the MATSTONE® Multi-purpose Slow Juicer. Thus, customers are assured of a highly durable and long-lasting. This revolutionary product has undergone a careful 18 years of research and development hence has garnered the prestigious Korea Superb Brand Award for 2017.

Moreover, MISSO is a household brand and is widely known in South Korea due to its heavy presence in the Home Shopping Network. The word MISSO means “smile” in Korean. And was derived from two (2) Chinese words ‘mei’ and ‘shao’ meaning ‘beauty’ and ‘young’ respectively. MISSO® s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor is a product which is a fruit of a vision aiming to see happier and healthier family using easy-to-use machines.




Country of Origin: South KoreaKorean-flag

Considered as one of Korea's top 10 business groups, Hyundai has over 53 domestic affiliates and 78 overseas affiliates providing world-class products and services. Over 60 years of existence in the industry has made Hyundai a name that stands for quality. Hyundai also believes that helping the the environment is a must as seen in their products that are certified and licensed as environment-friendly and and non-toxic.

In the Philippines, Builder's Choice Inc (BCI) a private company formed in 2003 primarily engaged in the importation, distribution, marketing and sales of premium flooring solutions. BCI is the exclusive distributor of various PVC flooring product lines manufactured by Hyundai L&C.


Country of Origin: South Korea Korean-flag

LG Hausys has been working with it's customers for over 60 years. With the vision of creating a human-friendly and eco conscious living spaces. LG Hausys believes in the balance between creating quality products and caring for the environment paving the way for a brighter and cleaner future ahead of us.

With a range of product lines-ups such as sheets, tiles, specialties and residential floorings to choose from. Define yourself with countless patterns developed with high quality and durable materials that could last for decades to come.


Country of Origin: South Korea Korea-flag

NOX Corporation, a Korean company leading the global LVT flooring industry. Established in 1994. NOX is a professional flooring company that has been leading LVT innovation worldwide. NOX is a prominent leader in the global LVT flooring industry, represented by its world-class product quality and superior quality management.